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  • Summer 2020 Real Estate Newsletter

    Wednesday, June 2, 2021   /   by Vinny Steo

    Summer 2020 Real Estate Newsletter

       Most of us dream of improving our lifestyle and moving to a larger home. The problem is that there are times a discrepancy between our hearts and our bank accounts. You drive by a home that you fall in love with only to find that it’s already sold or that it’s more than what you are willing to pay. Most homeowners get caught in this hit or miss strategy of house hunting when there’s a much easier way of going about the process.  For example, find out if your agent offers a Buyer Profile System or “House-hunting Service,” which takes the guesswork away and helps to put you in the home of your dreams. This type of program will cross-match your criteria with ALL available homes on the market and supply you with printed information on an ongoing basis.   A program like this helps homeowners take off their rose-colored glasses and, affordably, move into the home of their dreams.