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  • Why Gutter Cleaning Will Save You Winter Headaches

    Tuesday, October 6, 2020   /   by Vinny Steo

    Why Gutter Cleaning Will Save You Winter Headaches

    Have you ever heard of an ice dam on your house? If you have, you probably have had it happen to your home.  So, what exactly is an ice dam? This occurs in the winter when water builds up behind an ice blockage in your gutters. Not so bad, right? What happens though is the blocked water in your gutter can cause numerous problems.

    The ice dam can be caused in one of two ways. The first is from a poorly insulated roof. Heat escaping through the roof will melt accumulated snow, but not the snow on the roof overhangs. This water flows down into the gutter where colder conditions cause the water to freeze. The other cause is not having properly cleaned gutters. Regardless of how it happens, the result is when this accumulated ice starts to melt, it can’t properly drain down the gutters. This melted snow will then find its way through your roof, your siding, and windows, causing major water problems.

    Cleaning your gutters in the fall is one way to alleviate this problem. Most gutters experience clogging due to leaves, cracks, wear, and tear. As the colors change and leaves start to fall, water can’t flow through the gutters as it is blocked by leaves. In the winter this blockage is again a major cause of ice dams. By cleaning your gutters you are ensuring that the drainage from your roof flows away from your home preventing future damage.

    All of these home improvements will help you to make the most out of your home.  Being prepared for the multiple elements fall brings and the upcoming winter is one of the most important aspects in protecting the value of your home.