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  • Paul Beaulieu | Vinny Steo REMAX Community Blog

    Thursday, June 11, 2020   /   by Paul Beaulieu

    Easy Ways to Maintain a Healthy Lawn in the Summer

    As heat hits the upper 90’s in Maryland, keeping your lawn healthy can be a challenge. There are several things you can do to help promote a healthy lawn.
    Mow High
    If you have ever seen burnt grass or unhealthy lawns, one of the causes is mowing too low. There is a direct relationship between the length of grass and its roots. The longer the grass, the longer the roots. Longer roots reach further down into the soil for more moisture and key nutrients. Set your mower so the grass is a minimum height of 3” during the summer.
    During times of drought with little rainfall it is critical to water your lawn (assuming there aren’t any local watering restrictions).  Grass needs at least 1 1/2” of water a week, especially during summer. To find out how many inches of water your sprinkler uses, set up open containers around your yard. Run the sprinklers for 20 minutes, then measure the depth of water in each can. Multiply the average depth by three to . ...

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    Thursday, May 28, 2020   /   by Paul Beaulieu

    Home-Buying Demand Surges 17% from Pre-Pandemic Levels

    Home-buying demand is now 16.5% above pre-coronavirus levels on a seasonally adjusted basis, driven by record-low mortgage rates
    Demand for homes is far outpacing housing inventory. 45% of homes were on the market less than two weeks for the first two weeks of May.
    3D and virtual home tours are becoming increasingly more popular as tech native Millennials prefer the use of technology.

    Home-Buying Demand Reaches New Peak

    Demand is 17% higher than it was before the pandemic, on a seasonally adjusted basis. Mortgage rates have stimulated the housing market, with the average 30-year fixed-rate mortgage at record lows of 3%. ...

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