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    Monday, January 11, 2021   /   by Vinny Steo

    Homeward Bound Real Estate Newsletter- January 2021

    As a fellow Lover of Holiday Time, I wanted to share with you some exciting news for the New Year.
    It seems most people establish New Year’s resolutions, but for whatever reason, they fall short of keeping them.  Each year I highlight a great book that helped me and my team dramatically improve our follow through on achieving important goals and I wanted to share that with you – as sort of a Happy New Year After Christmas Gift; more on the book in a moment. 

    Some of your friends, neighbors, associates, or relatives may have a New Year’s resolution to make a move.  We can help them with that, help you, and help the kids at Johns Hopkins Children’s Center at the same time.

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    Monday, December 28, 2020   /   by Vinny Steo

    Weekly Real Estate Housing Trends

    Here’s what the housing market looked like last week.Housing market interest remains high, but it’s lopsided. Buyer demand remains far more recovered than supply and continues to grow. Interestingly, we saw slight pullbacks in listing price growth and time on market even as the number of homes for sale hit a new low. With a shallower than normal pullback, the market is setting up for a strong start to 2021, especially if the new supply continues to improve.

    Weekly Housing Trends Key Findings
    Key Findings:

    Median listing prices grew at 13.3 percent over last year, marking the 18th consecutive week of double-digit price growth. With rates still a whole percentage point below year-ago levels, buyers have not had to worry about affordability from a monthly payment perspective, but unless rates fall further, affordability is likely to become a chief challenge in 2021.

    New listings were down two percent. The new listings trend is noisier than ...

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    Tuesday, December 22, 2020   /   by Vinny Steo

    Food Tip of the Week: Black Garlic

    Black garlic, fermented with heat for 30 days, has a sweet but savory taste that is completely different from untreated garlic. It is appearing in more markets and restaurants and is gaining fans partly because it does not give heartburn or bad breath. It's rich in antioxidants and has a mild flavor with sweet notes, hints of garlic, dried black Mission figs and caramel.

    Just as kimchi is fermented cabbage, black garlic is garlic that has been fermented with heat. When heated at a fairly high temperature for 30 days, the natural sugar in the garlic is drawn out and the result is a bulb with a tan exterior and peeled cloves that are black.

    Though aged garlic has been around for centuries in Asia, it has only been catching on with American chefs, when food scientist Scott Kim began marketing his brand of black garlic. Fans say antioxidant-rich black garlic is the next superfood behind blueberries and wild salmon.

    The fermentation process changes the properties of the suga ...

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    Thursday, December 17, 2020   /   by Vinny Steo

    Weekly Real Estate Housing Trends

    Weekly Housing Trends - Key Findings

    Median listing prices grew at 13.5 percent over last year, marking the 17th consecutive week of double-digit price growth. Rising home prices can sometimes sap the energy from buyer demand as affordability becomes a challenge, but with mortgage rates still nearly a whole percentage point below year-ago levels, the market has not yet had to grapple with this challenge.


    New listings were down seven percent. This week’s data is a disappointing follow-up to last week’s first nationwide increase since early March. The new listings trend is noisier than active inventory since it’s a smaller set of data, so ups and downs are expected. Taken as an average over the last few weeks, new listings continue to improve gradually nationwide and some regions are faring even better. New listings increased in November in the Northeast and West regions. New listings are not only a signal of seller co ...

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    Wednesday, December 9, 2020   /   by Vinny Steo

    Food Tip of the Week: Spinach

    Popeye was right: Spinach packs a punch. While the cartoon character Popeye’s results are exaggerated, the health benefits associated with eating raw and cooked spinach are legitimate and should not be underestimated. Spinach is rich in beta-carotene and lutein, two important cancer-fighting anti-oxidants. This leafy green vegetable is also loaded with folic acid, vitamin K, magnesium, and manganese. There are three main types of spinach: the Savoy, Semi-Savoy, and the Flat or Smooth-leafed. Semi-Savoy has partially wrinkled leaves like Savoy but is easier to clean. Flat-leafed spinach is used mainly for processing, featured in most canned or frozen spinach items in the store. Available year-round, the spinach season peaks during the months of December through May. Spinach grows best in sandy soil and prefers cooler, relatively dry conditions. Therefore it is no surprise that spinach crops thrive during the winter months in California and Texas, the two lead ...

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