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  • Bel Air High School8

    Bel Air, MD | Harford County

    May 30, 2011

    We moved to Bel Air, Md with BRAC in August, 2010. After lots of research, we choose Bel Air High School for our 11th and 9th grader. Although the relocation was very difficult, we are all doing much better. The support the our kids are getting from the teachers, principal, and the counselor has been amazing. Both are excelling in sports, clubs and academics. I recommend Bel Air High School in all levels. Thank you.

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    April 27, 2011

    I think this school is a very excellent school. It has good students,teachers,overall everything.ienjoy coming to my school each day

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    October 8, 2005

    People who usually complain on here about the school being terrible are usually the people who are failures and trouble-makers so don't pay any mind to them. Yes, the teachers are of high quality and yes the student schedule is limited and it will be tha way until remodeling is complete but, you get all education required to graduate high school and all extras you would want.

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    June 18, 2005

    I am a Junior at Bel Air high school and belive the school itself is outdated and needs many new renavations. The staff is ok. Most teachers are of high quality. the administation is of good quality. I would reccomend this school over others in the area.

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    January 7, 2005

    My sons both graduated from Bel Air High School & did very well in their classes. They chose different universities to attend, and had no difficulty getting in with their grades & high SAT scores. The teachers were very helpful when they needed tutoring, and were always there when we needed them. I think that if parents are responsibile and care about their child's educational needs, they are more apt to ask for the extra help which they would definitely receive from the teachers & counselors. A person only gets out of a school what he puts into it. There are more successes out of Bel Air H.S. than failures.

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    December 21, 2004

    The courses at this school are very limited. While some teachers are excellent, many are below par. The children that attend this school can be quite mundane and verging on violent at times. The facility is quite overcrowded. Although some students are able to do quite well at this facility many others fall through the cracks.

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    October 4, 2004

    The teachers are great! The school's facilities are a disgrace to a community as affluent as Harford County. It is so overcrowded, there are numerouse portables (trailers) and some students have homeroom in the gym. The school board does not care and only suggests parents can move their children. When will people see the connection between the schools falling down and the politicians they elect?

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